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Bonnie Could Speak at your Next Event and offers 

one-on-one personal phone coaching (see below) 

Bonnie's No-Nonsense Horse Sense, coupled with her sense of humor, makes her the perfect mix of Erma Bombeck, Tony Robbins with a little kick in the backside from a favorite friend! 

Bonnie is "The No-Nonsense Coach" and brings humor, insights and entertainment to her audiences. 

Bonnie Marlewski-Probert has worked as a professional horsewoman for many years before making the shift from "riding to writing." Since then, she has sold more than 1000 magazine articles to publications from Good Housekeeping to Sesame Street to Cooking, Science Journals, Dog, Horse and countless other markets. She wrote two syndicated columns for the horse industry for nearly 10 years, is the author of more than 20 books and has enjoyed doing many speaking engagements for large and small groups around the country. 

Whether your organization is focused on Riding or Writing- whether you represent artists or non-profits, Bonnie can get your group moving forward in a positive, productive way! She has worked tirelessly with non-profit organizations across the country, helping them learn cutting edge skills that will help them raise much needed funding for their work.

Here is a link to a new interview Bonnie did recently in Canada. This interview focuses on helping writers/publishing/marketing:


If you are looking to get your audience "wired up and fired up," Bonnie is your best choice. 

If you are looking to have your audience howling with laughter while they are being inspired and motivated at the same time, Bonnie is your best choice. 

Her extensive background in the horse world has provided her with some of the funniest stories your audience will ever hear. She uses those funny anecdotes to demonstrate life lessons that will enhance your audience's lives forever. She reaches her audience through humor and her goal is to have them leave the event laughing ... thinking ... entertained and ...better for the experience.

Bonnie is a great presenter! Fun, energetic & info is invaluable." Sallie, Neosha, MO.

"Bonnie is a lot of fun and has years of experience..." Brian, Gassville, Arkansas.

"(Bonnie) Cares about attendees - knowledgeable - kind of a "miracle worker, Inspirational." Lida C., Deer, Arkansas

"Very giving speaker, Bonnie's knowledge is immense," Cathy D., Hardy, Arkansas (fine artist)

"It was an excellent & power packed workshop - Thank you!" Gabriella W., Yellville, Arkansas

"Very inspiring & encouraging!" Mary K., Romance, Arkansas

"This was an excellent workshop - much to think about - I need to get busy!!" Phyllis, Rogers, AR.

Bonnie Can Speak on a Variety of Topics:

Everything I Needed to Know About Life, I Learned in the Saddle, 

Focusing on the life lessons and the parallels we can draw from our time spent with horses. Bonnie often says that "everything in life is a metaphor for everything in life," which simply means, if you really understand how and why you are successful in one area of life, you can use those same life lessons and life principals to increase your success in other areas of your life. Mathematicians refer to this as both the transitive and commutative laws of addition. Bonnie refers to it as Using Horse Sense to Make Sense out of your Life! 

Getting Your Life Unstuck 

Her no-nonsense message focuses on meeting audiences where they are and then, providing them with the tools needed to shift their paradigm into a better direction. She uses horse-related stories to demonstrate her points in a clear, simple, entertaining way that will help audiences remove their resistance to change. Once that is done, Bonnie has been known to suggest that the next step for people is to get their head out of their ass and take action to "work the problem" to make their lives better. Her approach is a cross between a loving Sister, Erma Bombeck, Tony Robbins and a swift kick in the backside from your best friend. 

Are You Ready to Change Your Story? 

The story we tell ourselves is the story we live. Change the story and you change your life. If that story is a story of personal defeat and disappointment, we will continue to live that story unless and until we are willing to embrace a new story. Bonnie teaches audiences how to shift their focus and start moving their own life in a better direction. It all starts with our willingness to change our story and surprisingly, there are times when wallowing in self-pity and anger seems more appealing than pursuing happiness! The known is sometimes a better companion than the unknown. Even if the known is painful. Bonnie's goal is to encourage audiences to explore alternative stories and then craft an action plan to move forward in a positive direction. 

How to Get Your Writing Career Launched 

After publishing more than 20 books and working with hundreds of authors around the globe, Bonnie understands both sides of the writing world - author and publisher. She provides audiences with a no-nonsense, nuts & bolts approach to launching and growing a writing career using 21st century technology so writers can play big without spending big! 

Marketing Your Business and Your Work in the 21st Century 

This program focuses on using social media, building media lists, gaining thousands of dollars of free advertising for your work, joint ventures and much more. Whether you are a writer or run a store front business, these tips will be invaluable to your success. 

Growing Your Non-profit 

Bonnie has worked with hundreds of folks in the non-profit world over the years and she has learned a lot about what they can do to jump-start their success, without spending money to do it! Her program focuses on ways to parlay free press, increase volunteer numbers, work with sponsors, prepare for grant money, increase revenue streams and run your nonprofit as it is supposed to be run - as a for profit business that gets lots of tax breaks and advantages that normal for profit businesses don't get. 

Bonnie can work with most budgets so be sure to e-mail us today with your event dates. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date with the balance due on the day of the event. Special considerations may be made for non-profit organizations. To discuss your next big event, e-mail us at: 

[email protected] 

with your dates and we will do our best to make it work for your organization!


Personal Phone Coaching

To schedule your first individual coaching call with Bonnie, click here

"I found Bonnie via word of mouth.  In my opinion, it’s the best way to find a new colleague or business partner, no doubt in my mind.  Bonnie came advertised as “enthusiastic, with ideas that were completely novel, easy to work with, etc., etc., etc.)  And I have to say, Bonnie is as advertised.  Our hour plus first conversation flew by and ideas just came flooding out of her.  She is a non-stop volcano of ideas.  Better yet, she knows how to put these ideas into action!  How great is that? 

Within a couple of hours of our first conversation, Bonnie had already sent 2 follow-up emails, outlining my own personal course of action.  She is a go getter, super easy to talk to and someone who I think could easily become more than a colleague.  I can’t wait to get started."Jennifer Malott Kotylo, Author, “My Best Friend Betsy”, Producer, “Improve Your Riding Through Movement”

Bonnie is also available for one-on-one phone coaching and she is the perfect person to work with WHEN you are serious about: 

  • Changing Your Life For the Better Personally, Financially or Professionally,
  • Help With Your Writing/Publishing,
  • Help Increasing Your Non-Profit's Success,
  • How To Find More Business Sponsors for Your Non-Profit,
  • Working Effectively With the Media,
  • Getting Unstuck in Your Personal/Professional Life,
  • Moving Forward to Catch Your Dream,
  • Letting Go of the Fear of Failure AND the Fear of Success,
  • Finding your Fun Once Again, Both Personally and Professionally! 

Bonnie is available for one-hour phone coaching/consulting calls and she provides her clients with Two Special Gifts:

1. An audio file of each session so you can refer back to it over and over again. And,

2. A 100% money back guarantee. If you do not have at least one major light bulb moment during your call, we will refund your money! 

To learn more about individual coaching with Bonnie, Click Here